Cardboard Kyle

This is the official merchandise of your favourite, limbless, sarcastic cardboard person: aka Cardboard Kyle.

If you don’t know who Cardboard Kyle is, you’ve stumbled into the wrong dimension.

Full Cardboard Kyle Series

  • by wizkalila
    Imagine being so adorable that the world wants to see you do your own little independent poo. That is the reality of this tiny and adorable kitten who proudly took her first independent poo and promptly called over her mama cat to admire the handiwork proudly. It is always the simple interactions between cats that we humans find so amusing, and even relatable. We can all relate to showing off our hard work to our parents, and enjoying their prideful reactions.Parents everywhere know that it ain't no easy task getting your child to independently poo and care for themselves, this […]
  • by elinatrue
  • by elinatrue
  • by elinatrue
  • by elinatrue
    Hi, friends! We hope everyone's Monday is going amazing. We hope everyone is feeling productive and motivated for greatness, we know we sure are. That may or may not be because of this wholesome little video we recently discovered, so we obviously had to share it with y'all. The highlight is on a little rescue kitten named Maggie and a Lab doggo named Coco. Maggie was rescued from the streets where she was shivering cold and sick to the bone. Her now hooman saved her and took her to the best vets in town. Being a feral cat, Maggie was not […]
  • by wizkalila
    Heyo ICanHas-ers. Today we are serving you catty humor, a bushel of silly cat memes freshly brewed for your caffeinated enjoyment. And we are serving it up hot and fresh, carefully organized on the delightful platter that is the interwebs. Every day, we get up and get our butts out and on the way to the office. When we got to the office it's game over, we enter full on feline mode and there are few things we can process aside from cat memes and pictures. But we are no heroes, we put our pants on one leg at a time […]
  • by elinatrue
    Ah, friendship… there's nothing like it. Whether that's leaning on a friend for advice or leaning on a friend to take care of your baby when you're not able to. Friendship is friendship, and those are the rules. Or at least that's what Fig the cat and Olive the Retriever have in mind. We recently stumbled upon a 20-second TikTok video of two golden retrievers; one baby, one mom, and a male cat. The video begins with cries from the puppy retriever, it's not clear what he wants but his mom was in no rush to find out. She kinda just […]
  • by elinatrue
    It's no secret that cats love to live a dangerous life on the edge. They love heights, adrenaline, and anything that screams trouble. Whether they get themselves stuck up in high places or get caught red-pawed stealing cash from mom's purse, cats are criminals and there's no denying it. But that's exactly what we love them. If it weren't for their feline intelligence and conniving ways, cats may not even have had the same appeal as they do now. But anyway, we recently stumbled upon the best thread that there will ever be. A fellow cat person took to Twitter to […]
  • by elinatrue
    If you have a cat that's… let's say… special, then you will love this Twitter thread we recently found. Someone wrote something along the lines of 'do you ever look at your cat and think thank god you're adopted, otherwise you'd be one of those 'unadoptable' cats in the shelter'. OP's wholehearted tone invited fellow cat people to send in photos of their cats along with their rescue stories and some quirky behaviors they have that ~just make sense~. There's nothing we love more than a thread of cat people going on and on about their cats. Especially, when the thread […]
  • by marielru
    Cats are very good at self-grooming. They do it all day every day, and for the most part, they don't need help. But when it gets extra hot outside – like it has been for the past few weeks – all that fur can get to be quite difficult to handle. We brush them as best as we can, help them out as much as possible. But at some point, under some circumstances, a haircut might be in order. Now, you might go to a master groomer who's amazing at their job or… you might find yourself like this cat. There […]

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