Cardboard Kyle

This is the official merchandise of your favourite, limbless, sarcastic cardboard person: aka Cardboard Kyle.

If you don’t know who Cardboard Kyle is, you’ve stumbled into the wrong dimension.

Full Cardboard Kyle Series

  • by D_Eliana
    There is something so wholesome about watching adorable cats shadow their hoomans. Cats are often independent creatures, so when they choose to do what their humans do, and follow along, that's pretty heckin' adorable to see. It truly shows the beauty of nature to see these animals acting adorable like this. With a little affection and quality time, cats truly become the biggest most loveable jerks.It's an amazing experience to see our cats mirroring us at any times of the day. This time, we get to see photos of cats being silly, and of course, mimicking us, their hooman owners, […]
  • by wizkalila
    Adopting a rescue doggo is no small task, it can take years to get to a place where your dog fully trusts you and is able to flourish.  It can be emotional, and stressful, but also extremely rewarding. This requires going on a journey with your doggo, to gain his or her trust and any potential adopter needs to be mentally prepared for that. OP says they lucked out with their rescue and her amazing journey to health, but we tend to give OP a little credit as well, for providing her with the love and home the doggo needed to […]
  • by wizkalila
    Hello loyal ICanHas-ers, how we doing today? Well, we've started the morning groggily and with some intense yawning bouts, but we've had our coffee and we're working through it. Today, like the many other days prior to it, we woke up to some purrific pawing on our bedroom door. Then we got up to open the door and the two tiny terrors hopped up into bed with us. We love cats, and we ain't the slightest bit ashamed to say it. Despite their mischievous sleuthing ways, they are amazing creatures that are truly full of love and personality.Cat snaps of […]
  • by wizkalila
    We hope you've been good this week, though you're in for a treat even if you haven't been. Every week, we round up a delightful series of mood-lifting dog memes for a better day. Ladies and gents, gents and ladies, people of planet earth, gather round because we are about to dive head first into the waves of canine humor.Together, we shall take the plunge into the deep bounds of doggo humor goodness. And of course, we shall also give a big shout-out to all the doggos of the world while we're at it. The big doggos, the tiny doggos, […]
  • by D_Eliana
  • by elunachilders
    Videos you probably haven't seen yet of the squeakiest, cutest, smollest cats from this year so far. 
  • by elunachilders
    All hail the all-hearing fancy mouse! 
  • by marielru
    One of the things that constantly amazes us is animals reacting to music. We just love seeing it. Whether it's Griffi the featherless cockatoo doing the Humpty Hump and dancing perfectly to The Humpty Dance, whether it's a dolphin freaking out over Mariah Carey's high note as she does it live in the ocean with it, or whether it's a parrot passionately singing Here Comes The Sun. Animals and music are our favorite, favorite combination. And today, we have something absolutely amazing for you. A wild fox – completely wild, walking around in the woods, hears a man playing a banjo […]
  • by D_Eliana
  • by D_Eliana

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