Cardboard Kyle

This is the official merchandise of your favourite, limbless, sarcastic cardboard person: aka Cardboard Kyle.

If you don’t know who Cardboard Kyle is, you’ve stumbled into the wrong dimension.

Full Cardboard Kyle Series

  • by Marielru
    Welcome to another Friday, cat people! And Friday can only mean one thing… it's time for our most wholesome and precious segment that's full of nothing but pawsitivity – it's time to meet the newly adopted faces of the week!Every single Friday morning, we look through every corner of the interwebs and find the most wholesome cat adoption posts. We do it because nothing makes us happier than seeing a cat in need go from being helpless and alone to finding a furrever home, and we know that it's the same for you guys.Of course, like we always do, we […]
  • by Jesse Kessenheimer
    Don't be fooled! Your cat loves you, they're just playing hard-to-get sometimes. Emotional support animals (or ESA's as the online certifications call them) are animals who provide a service to their hoomans, just like your beloved furball. Obviously official ESA buddies are permitted to go pretty much everywhere a human being can go so that's the main reason why people get their pets certified, but then it makes you think of the real joy that our kittos bring us. Not only has my fluffy feline promised to bomb-dive me from the skies every time I pass his favorite perch, but […]
  • by Eleonora Bader
    Work can really tire us out during the week, and when we come home to our cats we often think to ourselves how lucky they are. They get to be lazy bundles of fluff, and have no responsibilities that stress them out. In fact, we kind of wish we could switch places with them sometimes, just so we can chill and do nothing all day. See what it feels like to not adult, and to have somebody else take care of us for a change.Alas, we are humans, so we must do what we do best; work. Okay, maybe not […]
  • by Elna McHilderson
    The dog physically rescues you, the cat rescues you… well, in another special way.
  • by Jesse Kessenheimer
    Sometimes our kittens just speak to us. Of course, they purr, they meow, the hiss, but there are deeper moments where you look at your cat as the flinch away from the sticky side of a piece of tape or when they grimace at the foul odor of the dog's rear end, you know for a fact that your cat just gets you. That's why relatable cat memes speak to the soul. The feisty feline predator that lives among you in your home is the one creature on this planet who will always understand you, even when it's only metaphorical.
  • by Kerenviner
    Do you ever find yourself endlessly scrolling through social media, looking for something to brighten up your day? Look no further than cute and adorable cat pictures! These furry felines never fail to put a smile on our faces with their playful antics, endearing expressions, and adorable poses. From cuddly kittens to majestic cats, there's something about these adorable creatures that capture our hearts and makes us want to share their cuteness with the world. Whether it's a silly meme or a heartwarming photo, cute cat pictures have become a beloved staple of internet culture.But, let's be honest, the real […]
  • by Kerenviner
    Whether you are a cat mom, cat dad, cat grandma, cat grandpa, or even cat auntie or cat uncle, and whether you have one cat or a herd of kitty siblings, some cat experiences are just universal! You know the joy and endless entertainment that comes with owning a feline friend. And what better way to celebrate your furry companion than with some relatable cat memes? These hilarious and adorable memes perfectly capture our quirks and habits of us with our cats, from cuddling together in our sleep to treating them like our little babies.Whether you're looking for a good […]
  • by abbyadler
    Whether you're a human or an animal, living expenses add up. We just want to live normal lives, but living a normal life is way more expensive than we could have ever anticipated. Same goes for our pets. If you can't afford basic living expenses for yourself, we wouldn't recommend adding a pet into the mix. It takes a whole lot of time, effort, and money to care for a living being other than yourself. If something seems off with our pets, we obviously take them to the vet to check in and see if it's anything serious. We never […]
  • by Nimrod Aldea
    Get ready for a cat-astrophically cute journey as we explore 18 adorable cats and kittens that take their cuteness very seriously! These feline furr-iends are purr-fectly poised to steal your heart with their enchanting eyes, mischievous grins, and fluffy fur. Whether they're playing with toys or snuggling up for a catnap, these kitties are the cat's meow when it comes to cuteness.So, fur-get your worries and let your heart be stolen by these adorable furballs who are committed to making the world a cuter place. Whether you're a seasoned cat lover or simply in need of a little pick-me-up, this […]
  • by Marielru
    Not all cats are born the same. In our time writing for ICanHas, we have seen some of the most unusual and unique cats ever – from the cat who was born with four ears to the cat that was born with two noses all the way to the cat that was born with two faces. Now, sometimes, being born that different doesn't have to mean anything bad. Yes, of course, take your unique kitties to the vet, get them checked, make sure that they're okay, that they'll be able to live happily with whatever it is that makes them […]

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