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As the name suggests, this is a gallery to display the unknown art and drawings of the little known or obscure artists around the world.

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What exactly is Art?

Art is really a very diverse array of human activities engaged in creating visual, auditory, or performed artifacts— artworks—that express the author’s imaginative or technical ability, and tend to be intended to be valued because of their beauty or power that is emotional. The oldest documented forms of art are artistic arts, including images or […]

Expensive Statues

While running on the “pinnacle 10 maximum pricey artwork ever bought” listing, we observed that quite a few lists approximately that issue have been displayed in lots of websites -aleven though lots of them have been incorrect- however, surprisingly, no listing approximately “the pinnacle 10 maximum high priced sculptures ever offered” may be found. So […]

Attack on Art

The masterpiece has come undertwo waves of artistic assault during the quarter-century that is past. The initial came from art-makers who comprehended that the period had been entered in which the rules and practices that made the masterpiece a possibility and an ideal no longer definedthe making of art, therefore the question needed to be […]

Stunning Paintings of Fictitious Black Figures Subvert Traditional Portraiture

The chance to convey their wealth and strength through the canvas for much of European history, portraits offered powerful individuals. In some works, details ranging from the aggressive stance and elaborate garb of the king to the elegant repose of the wealthy socialite spelled out influence; in other studies, including Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona […]

Art and it’s importance in history

Examining art history is only one path for some to pick up extra acknowledgment, while others do it basically on the grounds that it’s compulsory. So why go through an understudy’s whole time on earth procuring a four year certification? What is the benefit of contemplating art history? Art existed some time before formal schooling […]

Building Artistic Muscle Memory

Drawing without anyone else is a pleasurable and productive type of craftsmanship, yet figuring out how to draw well can likewise prompt better work in different mediums. Having an exact drawing is particularly significant as the premise of a sensible artistic creation in addition to other things. Improving your drawing aptitudes will support your work […]

5 Things Every Artist Should Know

Have you generally appreciated portraying and doodling, however you’ve never really taken a stab at genuine drawing procedures previously? Drawing is something that we truly suggest everybody attempts in any event for a smidgen in the course of their life! Like any craftsmanship or aptitude, it takes a great deal of training and activities, yet […]

Tips For Better Drawing

Drawing carefully is perhaps the most ideal approaches to have absolute power over what goes on in your picture. You can flip the canvas to check for blunders, Ctrl + Z to fix slips up, and even adjust the drawing with an assortment of change apparatuses. Yet, – it might develop somewhat of an impediment […]

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    New art after hurricane Irma but it's not about the hurricane. Even after such a storm, my art is still about loving others and equal rights for all. You are loved St Louis, every single one of you.
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    Art portfolio of digital artist Mary Clanahan including abstract art, cityscape art, impressionism art and digital art portraits.
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    Juliana portrait art by digital artist Mary Clanahan. Portrait art inspired by music, gender and genealogy.