Ur Sweet

This sweet cupcake design is adorable.

  • by /u/Prestigious-Skill-26
    Krapopolis Season 1 First Look Comic-Con Promo – YouTube Yeah so this is a thing. What I thought based on the first promo Some pros It's not ugly. Most of the characters look normal (not boring like Brickleberry characters or ugly like Big Mouth). They're nothing special but at least they're visually ok. Also, the background art is pretty good very Ancient Greece esque. (Not surprised since it is animated by a legit animation studio.) It's got somewhat of an interesting plot. It's about this guy named Tyrannis, the first King of Krapopolis. He's trying to run what is described […]
  • by /u/CartoonVibesOnly
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  • by /u/princess_kitty_1234
    I remember loving this show, I'm sad it there was more season, I also remember the book was in my middle school library too submitted by /u/princess_kitty_1234 [link] [comments]
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  • by /u/Theboulder027
    I recently subscribed to HBO Max so I could catch up on Primal and Harley Quinn. I only plan to keep the service long enough to watch the new seasons of those shows, but I might as well get as much out of it as I can. So I'm just looking for recommendations for animated shows to watch on here that are lesser known. I've already watched infinity train. Young Justice Phantoms and Close Enough are next on my list. And of course I'm already aware of the popular cartoon network shows (adventure time, regular show, Steven universe, etc). Thanks […]
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