Stay Away

Reasons to keep people away. This is even more applicable while in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

  • by Sallie Anderson
    Niti Aayog Updates: Prime Minister Narendra Modi chairs the seventh meeting of the Governing Council of NITI Aayog day who will discuss various Issues such as crop diversification, urban governance and implementation of National Education Policy. board, top body of NITI Aayog, includes all Chief Ministers, Deputy Governors of Union Territories and several Union Ministers. […]
  • by Tyler Hromadka
    WASHINGTON. President Biden finally tested negative for coronavirus on On Saturday, a week after his ricochet case became known, a White House doctor said the president remain in isolation “in abundance of warning” to second negative test. Mr. Biden has stayed out of the Oval Office ever since he tested positive. again on July 30th […]
  • by Tyler Hromadka
    Austin, Texas – Texas Jury on Thursday awarded parents of child killed in mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 more more than 4 million dollars in damages from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, first held him for a while financially responsible for defamation of the victims parents spreading lies that they were complicit […]
  • by Tyler Hromadka
    Comment on this is story Comment Peter Navarro, often combative former Trump adviser already facing autumn test on accusations of contempt of Congress sued government Wednesday over his refusal to turn over private emails he allegedly used to run the White House business during the Trump administration. Navarro, according to court documents filed by the […]
  • by Tyler Hromadka
    Comment on this is story Comment Legal team representing Infowars founder Alex Jones, inadvertently posted content of his mobile phone to a lawyer representing parents of child killed in mass shooting at Sandy Hook, parents’ the lawyer said in court Wednesday. An apparent mistake, uncovered by lawyer Mark Bankston, when Jones on rack in damage […]
  • by Adrian Ovalle
    The ban on hoses was announced for Kent and Sussex after southern England records driest July ever on record. Southeast water has become latest the company will announce water restrictions that will take effect effect on Friday 12 August and remain in place until further notice. Millions of people in hampshire and island of White […]
  • by Tyler Hromadka
    WASHINGTON. As President Joe Biden prepares for sign bipartisan bill stimulating domestic production of computer chips, some supporters have said the bill is incomplete without immigration provisions. Congress passed a bill known as the CHIPS (Creating Beneficial Incentives for Semiconductor Manufacturing) Act. last a week. Supporters have said it is help prevent supply chain shortages. […]
  • by Derrick Santistevan
    ISLAMABAD: At least one a person died and 661 new cases of COVID-19 has been reported in country during last 24 hoursdata provided by the National Institute of Health (NIH) showed Sunday. According to the NIH report, 20,080 Covid tests have been carried out across the country. in in past 24 hours, out of which […]
  • by Tyler Hromadka
    President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19 again, just days after he recovered from his previous case of virus, White House doctor said in announcement on Saturday. He has no symptoms but will self-isolate again. In a tweet, the president said he was “still in work”but isolate”for in safety of all around me.” He won’t […]
  • by Tyler Hromadka
    President Biden tested positive for coronavirus again on Saturday morning, becoming latest example of a case of rebound after Paxlovid treatment that was otherwise enrolled with widely impressive results in fighting the virus and suppressing its worst effects. “The President has not experienced any re-emergence of symptoms and continues to feel well,” said Dr. Kevin […]

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