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What do you believe best represents anarchy in the modern world?

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  • Author: Nsambu Za SuekamaTitle: Some Basics of Anarchic Black Radicalism in the ‘Anarkata’ TurnDate: Dec 12, 2019Source: Retrieved on 23rd June 2022 from With all this talk about elections, and the insistent demand that Black people be focused on matters of the State, those of us who consider ourselves ABRs (anarchic Black radicals) find ourselves constantly having to emphasize that our egalitarian concerns and ‘anarchy’ truly are compatible. Which is to say, in our opinion, it is not necessary to bring about liberation for the oppressed through the State. We wholeheartedly maintain that Anarchy is at the cutting edge […]
  • Author: Benjamin TuckerTitle: Liberty Vol. III. No. 24.Subtitle: Not the Daughter but the Mother of OrderDate: February 20, 1886Notes: Whole No. 76. — Many thanks to for the readily-available transcription and to for the original scans.Source: Retrieved on June 23, 2022 from “For always in thine eyes, O Liberty! Shines that high light whereby the world is saved; And though thou slay us, we will trust in thee.” John Hay. On Picket Duty. When Liberty’s readers have given the attention that it deserves to the remarkably interesting letter from Australia that appears in this issue, they will […]
  • Author: #FW MurneauTitle: Nation or ClassSubtitle: A revolutionary perspectiveDate: November 30, 2014Source: Retrieved on 21st June 2022 from There were working class demands from the start of the Scottish independence referendum and these demands only continued to grow as it neared to the time of the vote. Many parties of the so-called left began to appeal to these demands and desires of the working class. But why was this and why now? To answer this, we have to look at the wider picture of the current period of capitalism. At the moment, we are in the death agony of […]
  • Author: Edinburgh Anarchist FederationTitle: Referendum rant from an immigrantDate: September 18, 2014Source: Retrieved on 21st June 2022 from This is going to be a bit of a rant rather than a carefully crafted piece because I desperately need to get it off my chest. I haven’t written anything about the referendum yet and I haven’t weighed in much on lots of the discussions that friends and people around me are having (although I have been listening), because my frame of reference is different since I became an anarchist. I’m also not eligible to vote, because I’m not a UK […]
  • Author: Anarchist Federation of ScotlandTitle: Grangemouth and the need for rank-and-file solidarityDate: November 6, 2013Source: Retrieved on 21st June 2022 from There has been a lot of speculation about how ready and willing workers at Grangemouth have been to take industrial action. Looking at the actions of the Ineos bosses, Unite the Union, and the politicians we can start to see how much of these three groups vested interests are tied up in making sure workers on the ground are given the thin edge of the wedge. First, Ineos themselves – as expected from the bosses – have been […]
  • Author: Anarchist Federation of ScotlandTitle: A directly democratic critique of ŽižekDate: July 2, 2013Source: Retrieved on 21st June 2022 from For me it’s really interesting that celebrity leftists like Žižek, David Harvey and others feel they have to address and argue against direct democracy (and sometimes autonomous or libertarian socialism more broadly). It shows that these ideas are really in the ascendant, being discussed and put into action at least to some extent in assemblies around the world, most recently Turkey, but I’d imagine we’ll see the same in Brazil. Of course, I disagree with Zizek. He’s a philosopher […]
  • Author: Anarchist Federation of ScotlandTitle: North Sea oil hypocrisyDate: May 28, 2013Source: Retrieved on 21st June 2022 from At the last SNP conference, Nicola Sturgeon announced: “Today we are on the verge of a second North Sea oil boom”. Sorry, what? Do I live on a different planet? Why aren’t more people worried and really pissed off that a major politician is saying this sort of thing? The Scottish Government’s recent optimistic statements on the future of the North Sea oil industry are proof as good as you can get that politicians have no intention of carrying out any […]
  • Author: Anarchist Federation of ScotlandTitle: Nordic class struggleDate: May 24, 2013Source: Retrieved on 21st June 2022 from The ‘Nordic model’ is the name given to the economic and social policies shared by Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland which stress welfare provision, high taxation, and a corporatist approach to industrial relations and governance. It has come very much into vogue in Scottish political culture as part of the Independence debate, and is said to provide a more egalitarian yet achievable example for what an independent Scotland could look like, or at least, what it could aim for. There is […]
  • Author: Anarchist Federation of ScotlandTitle: Stitched upSubtitle: The Scottish Anti-Bedroom Tax FederationDate: May 12, 2013Source: Retrieved on 21st June 2022 from The first Scottish Anti-Bedroom Tax conference took place on 27th April in Glasgow, its aim to unite local groups across the country into one campaign with greater strength and resources. I’m surprised it hasn’t received more coverage and criticism. I suspect that’s because people are holding their tongues and focusing on organising locally and in other campaigns. However, I would argue that we need to discuss what’s happening nationally so that we can be more effective in challenging […]

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